Thursday, October 04, 2007


This is Adam Borser. I am a friend of Rens's. she sent me a letter to put on her blog. Here it is

Please post this letter to my blog after you get it. I've enclosed the necessary password information for you to log in.

As you and my readers know, I've been preparing for well over a year to fight the incoming zombie threat. While I have yet to see any hard evidence of the inevitable necropalypse, I can't discount my intuition that the end is, in fact, neigh.

After reviewing the contents of this blog, I believe that I have left enough information to set anyone on the path to becoming a zombie hunter. While, no doubt, there are many finer points to be argued, all of the basics for zombie survival are contained within (complimented, of course, by Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide - The book that started it all). Therefore I believe that I have served my role in preparing the general public.

Because I cannot escape the sense of impending doom, I have decided to take my knowledge and my bountiful resources (both in weaponry and canned food) and move to an isolated location to implement the final phase of my zombie preparation. While I will not disclose my exact location, I can say that I have opted for a colder climate with rocky terrain outside of the American borders. While a more difficult decision, I have also decided to preemptively live off the grid, a hand crank radio being my only source of outside information.

So take what you will from this disjointed compendium of information, and remember,