Thursday, July 02, 2009

Coolness in the face of adversity, cont'd

This is in response to Hyrion's comment last week, about a great way to perfect your coolness when everything around you is going to shit. Hyrion suggested becoming a firefighter. And I have to second this fantastic idea. First and foremost it trains you to react logically under pressure. It also prepares you for adverse conditions (a burning building may closely resemble the terrain after the necropalypse). You are forced to wear cumbersome clothing (which, from what I understand, can weigh in excess of 50lbs) thus preparing you for carrying supplies. Plus you are trained to use things which could possibly serve as zombie weapons.

What is probably the most appealing feature of this possible career path is the fact that not only are you preparing for fighting the zombie threat, but you are also benefiting society while training. I'm all for training to your fullest ability before the necropalypse, especially if you can find a way to train without becoming a sociopath. A word of caution, if you choose this noble pursuit, you may want to leave the "future zombie hunter" off of your entrance essay.


Blogger Hyrion said...

Glad to help ^^

Hope you do follow up on it instead of letting the dream rot. I've had that happen to me a lot of times now.. *sigh*

5:39 PM  

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