Monday, June 22, 2009

Zombie Practice?

I recently went to a local store in Cudahy called Graveyard Records. I was impressed with their macabre window display and hearse parked out front.

When I walked in the store the only thing I could say was a breathless, "wow". Horror-based action figures floor-to-ceiling, countless replicas of movie props, all topped by a shrine to Rob Zombie's (appropriate, no?) Halloween, featuring many of the costumes used in the film.

What struck me as most interesting, given my constant search for ways to train for the zombie threat, was the almost haunted-house-like set-up of the store. The aisles are tiny and you are forced through a set passageway, which has many twists and turns. At nearly every turn you are greeted with a full-sized mannequin decked out in full horror regalia. By the time I left the store, my nerves were exhausted from constantly reacting to my paranoid sense that there was someone behind me.

This made me think, would being constantly subjected to such an environment (like the employees most certainly are) cause you to be desensitized to the upcoming constant horror of the necropalypse? Such a thing could be useful. Conversely, one could get so used to having monsters and zombies constantly looming around you that you are no longer have the correct response to an actual zombie. To become too casual around the threat is a weakness.


Blogger Hyrion said...

I think that better practice would be to work in a butcher shop or some sort of job that makes you handle the killing of live animals and handle all the raw meat, blood and guts. That would desentitize you to killing a bit.

2:20 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Heh, sounds like fun Rens. I think that the nervous suspense of being alone would bother me more than being surrounded by the undead scourge. Of course, I haven't had the chance to be around anything undead, I have been in wooded areas and suburban areas pretty much by myself but, who knows.

6:38 AM  

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