Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back at the gym

I honored my resolve today and returned to the gym. In the interest of working on my arms (which I pretty much hate doing) I decided to work out on an elliptical machine. Turns out it wasn't actually an elliptical machine but rather some sort of medieval torture device masquerading as exercise equipment. It seemed to be designed to cause all of your limbs to simultaneously flail in all directions. After I managed to dismount this monstrosity, I went for a run and got some real exercise.

I suppose the machine wasn't all bad; it demanded coordination and encouraged problem-solving. Still, when I exercise, I prefer to set my body to work and allow my mind to work on other problems I've encountered throughout the day. I'm going to try to go back to the gym tomorrow, provided that it's not warm enough to run outside (outside running is much more preferable). If I do go tomorrow I am going to try to strike a balance between the elliptical (the real one, this time) and running.


Anonymous JT-Orlando, FL said...

regarding you comment "I prefer to set my body to work and allow my mind to work on other problems I've encountered throughout the day." during your workout. This will not produce very good results. You need to attack the exercise with all your physical strength and mental concentration. Every fiber of your being must get involved to lift that weight, or push-pull, squat, whatever. Only then will the proper signal be sent by your body to get stronger. Using an elliptical for an arm workout is a serious waste of time. As is running. Running will only improve your running. However lifting moderate to heavy with little rest between sets will have the same effect as running ( because your heart rate gets up and stays there ) with the added benefit of stressing your muscle and skeletal system adequately enought to ellicit a favorable response. This is a more efficient usage of limited time. Good luck with your training. I am with you in spirit, and physically in my own gym....jt

12:29 PM  

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