Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday Zombie Resistance

In what has become a Christmas tradition with my family, I watched the 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story. It was a nice break from the ongoing questioning about my absence this past year. Seriously, it's not like I was the first person to take a break from civilized life. And if they really cared, they shouldn't have been so quick to assume that I was dead.

Back to A Christmas Story...
Watching this tongue-in-cheek commentary on the culture of Christmas has rekindled some faith on humankind's resistance to zombies. After all, why would Ralphie want a BB gun so badly if it weren't to become a beacon in the zombie resistance. Of course Ralphie doesn't realize this within the span of the film, but the seed has been planted. The closing image of the film, Ralphie sleeping with his trusty gun, alludes to the desolate future to come.

So it is with fondness towards this tradition that I will sleep with my childhood BB gun by my side tonight (of course this will be in addition to my normal arsenal).


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