Thursday, December 04, 2008

Escapism is not the answer

I have spent the past year on the noble quest of barricading myself against the impeding zombie menace, or so I thought. But after many a lonely night with nothing but squirrel jerky and a tattered copy of the Zombie Survival Guide to console me, I have to admit that my self-imposed exile was motivated by fear rather than any so-called "nobleness".

After failing to trap any animals for several weeks, thus necessitating dipping into my precious canned food reserve, I was forced to reconsider my motives and my path. About a month ago I returned to Wisconsin. Haggard (though slightly disappointed that, as a woman, I did not have a grizzly adams-esque beard), hungry, and assumed dead, I attempted to reintegrate myself into contemporary society. It was harder than I thought, but with the help of Adam (thanks for following through on that last post, btw) and other zombie-hunter sympathizers. I now have a job and a place to live, and access to a precious, precious xbox 360. Hopefully within the year, I will be able to convince the IRS that I was not evading my taxes.

And so I have returned to my blog. Thank you to all the people who demanded that I stop being a pussy and return to the fight for humankind. You were right. I am back.


Blogger a bill v2 said...

I'm glad to hear you are back! This may be poor advice, but perhaps your tax issues will resolve themselves if you simply ignore them... besides, when the zombies attack who will have time for taxes anyway?

4:16 PM  
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