Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sky Flowers

Given that it is the fourth of July, this is the perfect time to test to see if the "sky flowers" theory of Land of the Dead. Anyone familiar with the latest Romero entry into his zombie lexicon will remember that the zombie resistance group used fireworks to distract the zombies leaving them open to attack. Granted, this is a plot device used to illustrate the zombies' continued evolution, but I do wonder if there is some merit to using a loud, flashy distraction to open up zombies to an attack.

Of course, there is no documented evidence of this working or not working. So tonight, if you're in the US, and happen to see a zombie or zombie horde, take a moment (provided it is safe to do so) and observe the undeads' reaction to fireworks. Please report any findings here and to your local zombie resistance force.

And why we're waiting for the necropalypse, we can all look forward to Romero's next installment, Diary of the Dead.


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