Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm going the distance

Apparently, my muscles haven't atrophied as much as I thought they had in my time shirking my responsibilities. Since my return to the life of a zombie hunter, I've been running regularly (usually six days a week, and between five and seven miles a day). Today I was able to run seven miles without stopping (ok, except at traffic lights; cars are much faster and harder than zombies and therefore worth avoiding). I accomplished this in a little over an hour. This means that, provided I am not surrounded, I should be able to put a fair amount of ground between me and the zombie crowd in order to prepare a counter attack.

An unexpected positive that has come from all this running is that the additional muscle I've built up makes my kicks brutal. Even though my training has dictated that my kicks should be driven by my weight, the added muscle has certainly lent itself to clobbering my enemy (currently the punching bag and poor guy stuck holding a focus pad). With some steel-toe boots (or steel toe tabi) I should be able to take out a zombie with my feet alone.

The downside to all this running is that my metabolism has shot up, and I need to drink more water, more regularly. While this isn't a problem now, when supplies are scarce, it definitely could be an issue. Maybe I should invest in some water purification tablets and freeze-dried food (in addition to my home-base supplies of bottled water and canned food)...

In other news, check out this webcomic, The Zombie Hunters,


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