Friday, June 01, 2007


I was at the mall yesterday, perhaps because of residual slackerness from the previous month. Regardless, the association between malls and zombies weighed heavily on my mind. Not so much because of the social implications (which are very present) but because of the continued representation of the mall as an urban stronghold.

It is easy to be dismissive of the mall simply because of its prevalence in pop culture representations of the zombie menace. Sort of an "of course that wouldn't work in real life" reaction that stems from being presented on film. However, once I was actually in the mall and able to observe its architecture, and moreover, the flow that said architecture dictated over the abundant crowds, I realized that the mall could, in fact, be a possible safe house. The modular aspect of the mall which so facilitates consumerism, would work spectacularly in a necropalypse situation. Areas could be designated and contained, especially in cases of quarantine, and waste management. Most malls are spacious enough to sustain a larger group and prevent cabin fever over prolonged periods of time. This large space (which necessitates certain security scrutiny and maintenence) could be used to promote exercise throughout the apocalypse, create green spaces, but perhaps most of all represents a space in which it is difficult to be cornered by the zombie horde.

Witness the Urban Ninja who clearly demonstrates the versatility of the mall space especially in an escape situation. I'm not suggesting that everyone is capable of such feats; I know I'm not (though I can tell you what I'll be practicing if I have to spend the necropalypse in a mall).

In fact, I might go out an try some of those moves now, while the health care system is still intact.


Anonymous Verloren said...

For other examples of just how "effective" malls are as spaces used for zombie defense please see the game Dead Rising by Capcom and both versions of Dawn of the Dead.

10:33 AM  

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