Friday, December 19, 2008

A foot of snow

We got about a foot of snow between last night and today. There were three foot drifts in some areas. As I was shoveling, I had a conversation with another shoveler about creatively creating a snow barrier so as to deflect zombies (not to mention the possibility of having an epic snowball fight).

I still stand by my theory that zombies would have an extremely difficult time in this weather on account of their inability to produce body heat and tendency to freeze. But of course, if we were graced by a sudden onslaught of fresh zombies, they wouldn't have time to freeze. Snow is a pain to trudge through even if you aren't undead. Combined with the lack of coordination present in even the freshest of the undead, snow could be a valuable deterrent and potentially buy you the necessary time to take out the menace.

With this in mind, I constructed a two-foot barrier around my abode. My landlord did angrily have portions of it plowed earlier this evening, but since my house is still zombie-free, I can only assume that it served it's purpose.


Anonymous Brolly said...

So the topic has come up many times with the state of Arizona where i live, about where to go during a zombie invasion. At my former school, they've formed a team of teachers and 2 students (not me) that have the school secretly fortified, however this is not so much of a great idea as a planned failure.

The school has iron rails surrounding the entire campus, making it virtually zombie free, however vehicles cannot enter the school easily with the rails, meaning no supplies except for the ones already present. Part 2, if zombies found a way inside the campus, a fight between humans and zombies would inevitably occur, and resulting in the humans defeat. See if the zombies surround the school on all sides to get in, they can't escape without a vehicle, and the parking lot, inevitably is outside the schools railings, and lies between the school's railings, and the campus railings... Leaving the escapees inevitably trapped anyway.

This is what was brought to my attention... My friend is from alaska, it's cold, it snows daily, zombies don't generate body heat, that would be as soon as they stepped foot into cold weather, they'd slowly freeze, and body parts would snap off, starting with the foot i'd say, due to the fact the ground is cold, there's snow, they've got no shoes probably, it's inevitable, they're going to freeze to death. (pun intended)

So I never really looked into the fact that if an outbreak happened in a town in alaska, that it could spread from there, this has brought new light onto the situation, and i'll bring some thought into this comment right now for it.

If an outbreak occurred in a hospital in alaska, i believe each room can be shut off completely from main hallways, example, someone has a contagious infection or disease, they isolate them, and zombies don't use doors, so each patient would have to be placed in a room alone for protection, as well as to make sure they cannot be turned into our flesh eating enemies we know so well.

As for houses and such, it's a bad thing to say, but survival of the fittest, if it happens in your own home, and you have a zombie and aren't prepared, i feel no sorrow for you, ALWAYS BE PREPARED FOR A ZOMBIE INVASION.

That is all, for those that read this, thanks for your time.

- Zombie Defense General
- Brolly

6:13 PM  

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