Monday, December 08, 2008

The glacial apocalypse is nigh, high time for hunting

Here is the midwest, weather reports are predicting that we will be under a foot of frozen slush-ice by mid-afternoon tomorrow. Yeah this makes driving conditions = dangerous, walking = hazardous, and zombie-hunting = easy.

By the time the blizzard subsides sometime late tomorrow or possibly Wednesday, any local zombies should be frozen solid, immobile, and fairly (though never completely) harmless. So grab your sledge, kiddies, it's time to thwack some undead.

Of course, I have yet to spot any undead locally, but I will still keep my sledge handy tomorrow just in case. Of course I always have an arsenal at hand.

On a related note, I got a report from Kevin northern Illinois noting that there is no apparent local zombie activity. I always appreciate regional updates on the zombie front, and am happy to post them here, so please, keep me updated!


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