Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Towards a Goal

For some reason, my gym membership is still active. I guess they decided it wasn't in their best interest to contact me after my attendance dropped. So I decided to make some use of it today.

I am not opposed to running outside during the winter, after all it is good to build up some temperature resistances. However, I prefer not to run on ice. As much as I try, I still have an inherent and unavoidable clumsiness. Running on a slippery sidewalk is an unnecessary risk. If I break my leg and the necropalypse begins, I'm pretty much screwed.

I took my run to the gym's indoor track today. I can't quite explain it, but the gym intensifies a certain rage in my workout. All these poor bastards go there to refine their physique, but I'm fairly certain that few could disable a zombie with their bare hands. Sure they will be better equipped to manage the zombie threat than your average couch potato. Unless that couch potato is a Halo master with an encyclopedic knowledge of zombie films, and an arsenal to combine the two fields.

I digress. It makes me sad when I see people mindlessly working out at the gym. Where is the joy? They watch crappy talk shows and brainlessly workout towards what? a swimsuit? When I go to the gym, I'm mentally evading zombies, attacking marauders, and feeling very alive. I'm sure that the other gym attendees are unnerved by my dissecting glare, trying to find their weaknesses and where to strike should the situation demand it.

So I encourage everyone, when you're working out, make sure you're working towards your survival. I promise you will be invigorated.


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