Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zombie Preparedness

Everyone has a responsibility, nay, a duty to have several zombie contingency plans in place no matter what the situation. Therefore, I applaud reader Brolly (see comment) for going against his fellow survivalists ill-laid plans. However, I would recommend that Brolly take efforts to correct the shortcomings of the school-sanctuary plan. Presuming that it is a public school, regular citizens should be able to propose modifications to the school grounds to a school board or other community entity. What responsible parent wouldn't want their child better protected from a potential zombie attack. Presented clearly (with excellent visuals, of course) every voting party will become swayed by your passion and logic.

So I suggest, if you think a school (or other public facility) has potential as a zombie-resistant fortress, please alert your community to the greater good that their tax-payer dollars may serve!


Anonymous Brolly said...

As many meetings i've made with friends and fellow zombie slayers/killers, i've never thought of making it public due to most of society deeming a zombie invasion "Improbable" I do howver have a few ideas i'm going to draw up, if they're good i'll post them here and if all goes well i'll use them as a way to persuade the school baord to allow modifications.

And thanks for reading my really, really long comment from before. ^^

2:20 PM  

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