Sunday, December 28, 2008

ugh.... sick

I suppose it was inevitable. My return to civilization would no doubt be heralded by contracting some bug that was going around. I'm fairly certain that I caught it from my family over the holidays. While I am certain that I have not contracted a zombie virus, or anything equally deadly, it has left me in a weakened state. More importantly, it has illustrated a point.

1. The denser the population the more like one is to contract illness (included the dreaded zombie virus).

Despite living under more extreme conditions, I was much healthier during my brief reprieve from humanity. My isolation, combined with my conscientiousness about my well-being lead to having a well-maintained and balanced life.

2. Deprivation from regular contact with viruses and bacteria leaves one's immune system vulnerable.

Luckily, I chose to return to the good fight before the fight was actually taking place. Thusly, I have time to recuperate from the onslaught of sickness that I am currently experiencing. If I were forced to travel to a more urban area during the necropalypse, after living in a less populated area I would be more likely to become sick at the most inopportune of times.

Conclusion: As I am finding with nearly everything, moderation is key. I am currently living in a more populated area that is giving my immune system the buffering it desperately needs. At the same time this area is not so densely populated that it will be instantly swarmed with zombies when the outbreak happens. Yes, there will be more zombies, but with the proper fortifications, it will be manageable.

In the meantime, I am restricted to activities that involve getting rest... mostly catching up on some of the fighting simulations that I missed while in the wilderness.


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