Friday, June 19, 2009

The Authorities

Thank you to everyone who was prepared to hunt down the zombie version of me, should that be the cause of my previous absence. That certainly would have been a ironic twist (or perhaps not so ironic since I expect that my training will eventually put me in contact with the undead threat, perhaps before the general public). I am glad so many people are willing to step up to their responsibility of insuring the survival of the human race.

Christopher sent me this link during my absence, sorry for the delay in mentioning it, but I think it is really noteworthy:
Boston PD acknowledges zombie threat

My first reaction was one of relief. Finally, the authorities are recognizing that civilians have deep seated concerns about the impending zombie menace. My second reaction was one of paranoia. What if the Boston PD is trying to lure the public into a false sense of security? What if this is part of an overall conspiracy to make the public complacent and less likely to react to a zombie threat when it actually does happen?

Regardless of my unbridled paranoia, I truly hope that this story represents a turning point in the public understanding of the zombie threat.


Blogger Hyrion said...

Maybe we should get our own twitter network going? Anyone know of an existing twitter for civilian zombie alters?

1:50 PM  

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