Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The thing about California

I've spent almost two weeks gathering information about California's zombie fighting potential, specifically, in the Los Angeles area. Here is my first report:

The Los Angeles area, is favorable as far as cities go. It has a spaciousness (that New York does not have) which makes getting trapped less likely. The roads are fairly wide, enabling using transportation (even a Hummer, which I've seen a few of) for far longer than an average city. Transportation is widely available, which means that gas should also last longer (providing that you are willing to siphon it from abandoned cars).
The houses here are also well-suited. Most houses are built of adobe (which is never seen in the Midwest because of the weather). They are solid houses; a zombie will be less likely to claw their way through them. Also many abodes have a pre-existing defense system such as a fence and gate. With some minor modifications, these will resist a zombie attack for a fair amount of time. Moreover, I've noticed that lots of people have food-bearing gardens, which will thrive all year (unlike the Midwest), providing a self-sufficient food supply.
Of course, the inevitable escape from the dense urban area is inevitable after the necropalypse. While fairly urban in several directions, there are lots of protected areas, and farming areas which will make for good fortresses when the urban structure collapses. In addition, Los Angeles is fairly close to the Rocky Mountains, and has its share of steep and foreboding terrain, which we all know, is difficult for zombies to traverse.
The weather is debatable. While it hasn't actually frozen up here, it has been very cold at night, which, while it makes for human discomfort (and potential sickness), it won't cause zombies to freeze. A heat source is still advisable/necessary. However, it does get fairly hot during the peak hours of the day. This would nullify any effects of the cold, and make the stench unbearable.

So far, I would say that the Los Angeles area is a decent area to stave off the zombie menace. As always, it would be even more favorable to build a remote fortress on mountainous terrain, with a semi-isolated ecosystem. I will be returning to Wisconsin in about five days to bring back my newfound knowledge. I will try to post any additional findings before then.


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