Saturday, January 06, 2007


In a belated response to hairdo-pancakes question of appropriate post-apocalyptic transportation, I find that most vehicles are somewhat problematic. The suggestion of a Hummer can be used effectively under ideal circumstances. It is probably one of the best off-roading vehicles, which is probably why it was developed by the military. It does provide serious protection; it is unlikely that a zombie (or small group of zombies) would be able to penetrate a Hummer making it a somewhat effective defense. However, it does have a substantial amount of drawbacks:
1. Availability. It's unlikely that you'll just find a Hummer on the side of the road waiting to be hotwired. Unless you live close to a Hummer dealership. Of course, you could always pre-emptively purchase one, but I personally don't have the resources for that.
2. Manueverability. The Hummer will definitely work well on certain types of terrain, namely, expansive, open terrain, or at least on established roads/trails. It will not work well in a dense forest, or in an area with lots of abandoned vehicles clogging the road (which could be a place where the monster truck would prevail, but that's another post).
3. Gas Consumption. As we all know, in these oil-restricted times, gas is getting more and more expensive. If the world is, in fact, decimated, the pumps will eventually run dry. A gas guzzler like the Hummer, necessitates frequent stops at gas stations, and would most likely be rendered impotent eventually. I see this as one of the more problematic consequences of driving a Hummer.

I can see the Hummer as being effective during the earlier portion of the apocalypse, before gas has run out, and before the majority of the population is dead (or undead, as the case may be). However, if you merely need to escape and speed and manueverability are important factors, the Hummer may not be the best choice. I recommend a motorcycle in this instance (provided, of course, that you have the ability to drive one), they are great for gas mileage, and the agility to circumvent most zombie circumstances. If you're trying to plow through hordes of the undead, however, a motorcycle would be utterly inappropriate.

In conclusion, I think that your vehicle choices will ultimately be determined by the circumstances and availability, therefore, it is always necessary to use your best judgment and common sense.


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