Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Soft tissue absorption

Romero was definitely onto something with zombie bites. Clearly, bites are the most efficient way to deliver the virus. For example, the rabies virus (which is related to the zombie virus) causes changes in behavior leading the subject to be more aggressive, which leads to biting, which enables the virus to propagate. And we all know that biting is a death sentence in terms of the zombie virus.
However, certain areas of the human body are more porous. This doesn't mean that the virus will automatically absorb into the human system, but there is the opportunity for this to happen. So the suggestion of facial protection is certainly apt. Although, like Psyko_soldier pointed out... nothing that can obscure vision.
As far as shoe protection goes. The chain link is a good suggestion provided that it is used in a limited capacity, as it can be heavy, and noisy. As Max Brooks points out, you don't want clinking armor to draw the zombies to you (pages 60-61). But if the chain link is glued to the shoe (and I think it would be more comfortable on the outside of the shoe), the noise-making problem is solved. Personally, I'm a huge fan of leather as a protective material. A zombie is not going to be able to easily bite through it, giving you time to react and brain your attacker. Moreover, it's light-weight, comfortable (breathable), quiet, and far more available than most other forms of armor.
I'm going to work on drawing up some ideas for facial armor, that incorporates all the ideas suggested this week.


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