Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fear of Death

Since zombies are the most loathsome of dead things, some people have asked me if I have a fear of death. While I do have a healthy fear of the living dead, as such fears tend to prolong the life, I do not have a fear of death. I think this is crucial if heading into a battle where your betrayal of the humankind depends solely on whether or not you fear death.

The likelihood of becoming infected, especially in a post-necropalyptic world, is extremely high. In order to prevent your corpse from joining the hordes of the undead (which you had previously been fighting), you will literally have to bite the bullet and look death in the face. This is an honorable death, where your corpse will not be a burden (or threat) to the remaining survivors. Do not confuse it with suicide (which is the coward's way out). Technically, you're dead the moment you get infected, you are merely preventing more deaths.

In this pre-apocalyptic state, there is still some time to prepare yourself mentally for this inevitability. To be an effective member of the resistance, you have to resolve to take on the responsibility of your remains and whether or not they become reanimated.

This is the way of the zombie hunter...


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