Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Urban or Wild: Part Two

As promised, the second installment of which environment is superior during a zombie apocalypse?:

The Wilderness

1. Less people equals less zombies
2. The terrain is naturally more difficult for the balance-challenged undead
3. It is much more difficult to be cornered as there are no corners; you can always outrun a zombie
4. The abundance of wildlife makes for a good zombie alert system
5. Depending on the area (particularly, if the population is very into hunting), the people may be better hunters

1. If you're not good at hunting, you'd better get good quickly... food will be sparse
2. Unless you happen upon some hardcore survivalist (who's been stockpiling), weapons are not going to be readily available. If you do happen upon said hardcore survivalist, chances are, he or she is not going to help you out.
3. Climate varies drastically by area, unless you're in a fairly temperate climate (i.e. around the equator), you're going to be lugging around layers of clothing

Again, please weigh in with your opinions.
I think it might be best to set out a rural outpost with supplies, so you get the best of both worlds: supplies and terrain. Or at the very least stock up and load up the car the night of the zombie explosion and get out on the road. That's my plan anyway.


Anonymous wozgog said...

Rural has to be the way to go.Sleep in trees/build yourself a Robinson Crusoe style hideout.As long as non-human animals don't start catching the zombie bug things would be sound.Imagine mosquitoes carrying the virus-AAAAARGGGHHHH!!!

3:37 PM  
Blogger Grand 'Poon said...

Find a farm area, that way you won't have to hunt. Cows, chickens etc. are easy pickings.

You could use dogs as early warning systems.

Near lakes (like we are) you can fish, and if you are deep enough out you won't have to worry about underwater zombies. Rural totally seems like the way to go.

A nice high hill somewhere with great sight lines.

1:26 PM  

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