Saturday, October 28, 2006

Group Dynamics

I should clarify my last post.
It is probably always better to be in a small group, both as a protective measure and also as a means to keep sane. However, if your group is more likely to kill you in your sleep or lure zombies to you, it's better to split off. If all your group does is make annoying quips about your gender, it's probably not serious enough to go out on your own.

That said, pig-headedness is not a valuable quality during the zombie apocalypse. Everyone should be willing to put aside their personal desires in the interest of the greatest chance of survival. Of course, this opinion may vary from individual to individual, but the best groups won't let their feelings get in the way of making a good decision. Logic and clear-thinking in the face of danger are probably the best survival tools.

No group will be perfect, but the best group will be dedicated to survival.


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