Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Like Zombies...

How much must we become like zombies in order to deliver humankind from the zombie threat?

This is a topic I've been addressing a lot lately. Maybe it's just weighing heavily on my mind. I have to admit that a certain amount of humanity must be relinquished to be able to be an effective zombie hunter. The idea is to minimize that loss, and attempt to regain it after the zombie menace has been vanquished (should we be successful). However, there is always the danger of becoming what you hunt...

Zombies are mindless killing (and eating) machines. They have no will of their own, as well as no purpose. The zombie hunter is most effective when they do not consider their actions. Thought or remorse will hinder capability (a fatal flaw). Yet this same thoughtlessness is frighteningly parallel to the zombies. Though the zombie hunter possesses a will of their own because he/she chooses to fight the zombie menace, there is always the danger of becoming a depraved killing machine with the inability to distinguish between living and undead. Regarding the issue of purpose; once humankind falls (post-necropalypse), the purpose of our survival may become lost. The goal is to maintain hope, no matter how dire the circumstances, however seemingly hopeless they may be.

As I've mentioned before, consciousness of the potential for the loss of humanity in the face of impossible odds, is our only saving grace. It should never be forgotten.


Anonymous Wozgog said...

Could you clear a nagging worry for me. This whole zombe menace thing isn't some extended metaphor for the self-proclaimed War Against Terrorism, is it?
I would be v. v. disappointed if it is...

8:28 AM  

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