Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Zombies as pets

Zombies are often shown in a captive state in films... Day of the Dead immediately comes to mind, but the conclusion to Shaun of the Dead is another good example. While this is typically done for dramatic purposes, or comedic purposes (as in Shaun of the Dead) it is actually a terrible idea.

The pride that seems come from scientific examination of a "live" specimen, inevitably leads to some serious oversight concluding with the death of all involved. There is no benefit from studying zombies that is worth the risk of keeping one (or more) captive. In a situation such as Day of the Dead the risks are particularly great because it takes place in a necropalyptic world. The scientist has good intentions, but his goals aren't conducive to destroying the zombie threat. All necessary knowledge of the zombie menace can be gained in the field, or the zombies' "natural environment", if you will.

In these pre-apocalyptic times, I am fairly certain that experimentation is going on with captive zombies. This very arrogance may lead to the eruption of the zombie uprising. There are limits to what can be done about this impending threat, but I urge any and all people who may have access to captive zombies to do what you can to destroy the menace in its individual form before it explodes into a world-wide threat.


Anonymous Melissa said...

I have to add that My Pet Zombies are perfectly acceptable.

9:30 PM  

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