Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Tragedy of It All

I don't mean to be cavalier when discussing the killing of loved ones' reanimated corpses. This is truly a terrible thing that one will encounter when the dead rise. But there is the inevitability that comes with the survival mentality.

The ultimate goal in zombie defense is to survive. However, the likelihood of this happening becomes slimmer each day into the zombie apocalypse. Instead the goal becomes surviving as long as possible. Once you accept this inevitability, destroying zombies, no matter who they once were, will become easier.

However, after you become aware of your tenuous hold on life, and more so, your need to protect that hold, the goal becomes about maintaining humanity in the face of utterly inhuman situations.

So even though you are not killing a fellow human being, and doing your part to help save humanity one zombie at a time, you should not ever forget the tragedy of it all.


Blogger wozgog said...

Another question: would flinging old vinyl at the Undead Hordes really be an effective way to kill them?
Also, what's the correct etiqute for inter-marriage between the Undead and the Alive? Is it not time for increased understanding between the two, hitherto bitterly divided, factions? Possibly I'm just a dreamer...

11:41 AM  
Blogger wozgog said...

(1)The old vinyl relates to Shaun Of The Dead, obviously. It seemed quite effective in the film.
(2)Etiquette has three ts and three es, not two.Apologies, standards must not be allowed to slip, even in such troubled times as these.

11:46 AM  

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