Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Zombie Lurches

The Zombie Lurch is a fairly popular event that is cropping up all over the USA. There are probably going to be a lot more occurring in the next month with Halloween coming up. For those who have not experienced a Lurch, it usually a sub-culture event where people dress up as zombies and lurch about town in fairly ambling way, generally under the label of performance art or a public nuisance.

I worry that this action will desensitize the general public to the appearance of zombies. Granted, the lurchers are usually pretty obviously alive, with badly over done make-up. Even so, the aimless slouched walk, and vaguely decomposing appearance will cease to draw attention, thus making the general public ambivalent to an actual zombie strike.

Of course, I would not question anyone's right to free speech, so I think the only proper solution is to present an opposing viewpoint at these Lurches. I am not suggesting actual violence against people, even if they are dressed as ghouls. Rather, this is an excellent opportunity to spread public awareness of the actual zombie menace. It is the zombie hunter's duty to supply leaflets, informing people of how a zombie would actually behave, so they could be recognized, even in the midst of a Lurch. Give speeches, lectures and focused rant and generally be as equally disruptive as the Zombie Lurch.

Go forth and educate.


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