Saturday, September 09, 2006

Armor, Part II

Just because armor is an impracticality during the zombie apocalypse does not mean that protective gear should be neglected. The question is which type of clothes would be of most protection is important. If at all possible, it would be best to wear flexible, bite-resistant clothing. Clothing should be, first and foremost, protection from the zombie virus. Broken bones and bruises will heal, an infection will not.

I was watching Underworld and I was thinking about whether or not Kate Beckinsdale's clothing would be of any use. Other than being subversive, could it serve as zombie protection? It fits Max Brook's description of "tight clothes", but being latex it is still very flexible. And latex would be very splatter resistant; it would be like wearing a giant zombie-proof rubber glove. However, it is hardly tear-resistant, not to mention incredibly hot and a major sweat collector. So all in all, not a good idea.

However, leather would be a much more practical solution. Lightweight, liquid-resistant, and most importantly, bite-resistant, a leather jacket is a valuable piece of gear. It should fit well, and be non-constrictive. Limb protection is of crucial importance. Leather sleeves are good protection, but they would be nicely complimented by leather gloves, preferably with some type of knuckle protection. If it ever comes to punching a zombie, their teeth are still dangerous and likely to cut your hands.

Goggles or some form of protective glasses are also a good idea in a close-quarters confrontation. The membranes of the eyes are very permeable, and susceptible to the zombie virus in a way the skin is not (though it is a good idea to keep the skin protected as much as possible). Even if you manage to kill every zombie, there is bound to be some splatterage.

Shoes are somewhat debatable and dependent on the individual and situation. Steel-toe boots would make your feet into a spectacular blunt weapon, but I find they are somewhat difficult to run in. Because of their stiffness, they are likely to cause noise during travel. While I am still a fan of the tabi (split-toe nines shoes) because of the increased agility and stealthing ability, they are not for everyone. It is important to maintain comfort as well as protection. Blisters can be quite disabling; any shoes, should be broken in before a fight or flight situation.

Of course this is only a quick review of practical gear. No doubt, real situations will arise where practical decisions will have to be made. Common sense and dry runs are probably the best way to evaluation and potential situations. Whenever I go shopping, I am always looking for potential anti-zombie products, and I will be purchasing my leather jacket (stylish, yet zombie-resistant) soon.

Quote of the Day: Dennis Hopper, Land of the Dead, "Zombies, man... They creep me out"


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Blogger Ashish Shandilya said...

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