Saturday, September 02, 2006

Continued Problems

My third and final computer has broken. I am currently working from a system cobbled together from a TV, a typewriter, and a series of paperclips. This is very frustrating. I hope to have at least one setup back up and running by the end of today.

I read nearly half of The Serpent and Rainbow yesterday, and I have to say it is a very interesting read. Of course, one has to keep in mind that Wade Davis is not a trained writer, and sometimes adds romantic flourishes, and that his account is far from neutral (and I think it is presented in such a manner). Again, the zombies in question have nothing to do with the flesh-eating menace which will descend upon us shortly, but it does provide some background for the various zombie (or as Wade Davis spells it, zombi) inaccuracies.

Finally, I like to respond, in part, to Death's suggestion to dropping heavy objects on zombies from your fortified compound. I believe dropping heavy objects would be difficult at best. Knowing that my personal strength is limited to lifting about 120 pounds (but not being able to carry it anywhere) creating a setup where weights could be used as weapons would probably be an inefficient use of brute strength. Although crushing zombies would work as a killing method, it would probably not be the best killing method, even from a barricaded sanctuary. Instead, I would suggest using the brute strength for carrying more ammo, so when you are walled up in your compound, you can better snipe off the zombie menace.

I have to admit that I am wary of the fortified base. While it does have it's bonuses in safety, it also has a significant weakness, what may be your protection will most likely become your grave. In a low-level outbreak, a compound would work out until reinforcements arrive, however, if the situation escalates (as we should prepare for, being a worst-case senario), reinforcements are a mere fiction, surplanted by the growing (and I mean the shear growing in numbers) zombie threat, as well as the threat of marauders. The zombie menace, becomes a menace only by the way the virus spreads and the zombies multiply. A single zombie, while terrifying, is relatively easy to take out. A massive swarm of thousands of zombies surrounding your compound will make evacuation impossible. I suggest that as the zombie threat grows and the possibility of a normal life disappears, small party mobility (in a non-urban area) becomes the best solution. Of course, this does not provide for the social commentary on consumerism and complacency that a mall fortress provides.


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