Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dead Alive

In continuing with the theme of zombie movies, I rented and watched Dead Alive (Braindead in New Zealand), I can say that it is wholly inaccurate in terms of zombie information. However, I can also say that it is one of the more disgustingly entertaining films available. Also, though it doesn't provide any information that might be useful in disposing of zombies, it does provide several bits that are still helpful in preventing the zombie menace:

1. Do not keep zombies as pets.
2. Do not feed zombies in an attempt to satiate their hunger, as they may develop other carnal desires with much more disgusting consequences.
3. When overtly stereotypical native people warn you not to take their indiginous Rat Monkey, DO NOT TAKE THEIR RAT MONKEY!

Otherwise, I suggest Dead Alive, as an entertaining zombie romp. Just don't watch it while you're eating. Truly, truly gross.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still, you can't completely hate a movie that has a priest kicking ass for the Lord. Even if said Lord is a zombie himself.

8:47 PM  

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