Saturday, July 29, 2006

Zombies as Weapons

Today's Post will be devoted to the topic of creating zombies for use as a biological weapon. This is partially inspired by the article in my last post about "zombies" carrying WMDs, and my first thoughts about zombies being WMDs themselves. The other part, of course, being the plotlines of several movies (though Resident Evil immediately comes to mind). So the question is, Should/Would/Could either a government body or evil corporation deploy the zombie virus as an attempt to control the world?

The proper answer is NO. The zombie virus is too unpredictable in the way it spreads, multiples and dominates (as demonstrated by the The Zombie Infection Simulation). Even for the evilest of companies/governments/secret societies should recognize this inherent danger. But this leads us to the second of questions....

Since, by their very description, the evil company/government/secret society is evil, eventually one faction may very well deploy the zombie virus. The motives may be unclear in our current climate, but eventually the zombie menace may be unleashed, thus dooming us all. Which leads us to....

This is really the important question. Can these evil superpowers get their hands on or isolate the zombie virus in order to release the zombie menace on a unsuspecting public? My guess is that eventually they will...

So there you have it. One possible source for the zombie apocalypse.


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