Sunday, July 09, 2006

Flaming Zombies

I was discussing zombie tactics with my good friend Lyz this weekend (she occasionally posts here), and she mentioned Flaming Zombies. Apparently, in a random conversation with her father, the topic of Flaming Zombies came up. It was accurately pointed out that setting an "alive" (active would probably be a better choice of words) zombie on fire is actually a really bad idea. So thanks, Lyz, for sparking this discussion.

Zombies are already dead and do not feel pain. While fire is certainly a nuisance to them, it is no where near as detrimental as it would be to a human. Eventually the zombie would most likely be incapacitated. However, not before it spread fire to all of its nearby surroundings. Since most zombies (except the really "old" ones) are at least semi-moist, most likely you will end up burning off their clothes (unless it is a nude zombie), possibly damaging their outer layer of skin, allowing them plenty of time to shamble around before doing any real damage to the zombie body. So unless the zombies are contained in a cement pit, and you are armed with a fire extinguisher, setting a zombie on fire isn't a great idea.

This topic isn't really adequately discussed in the Zombie Survival Guide. While the most important piece of advice, "Fire has no loyalties" (pg. 52) is mentioned, it is quickly obscured by different methods of delivering fire. Which brings me to my final point. Flaming Zombies look cool. So here's an image from Doom 3 to fill that need:


Anonymous Lyz said...

Pirates vs. Zombies... Thoughts??

10:22 AM  

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