Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I am no longer a white belt! I am now a white belt with a yellow stripe. All white belt and no belts shall fear me and my feeble roundhouse kicks!

Regarding my tunnel system. I think I'm going to go the old fashioned way and dig it out with a shovel in the dark of night. Since I want it to be a secret tunnel system, I think any fancy equipment would draw too much attention. After all, after the zombie menace strikes I don't want to worry about having to duke it out with the neighbors in an underground maze. If they were smart they would build their own tunnel system.... or maybe they already have.... hmmm I'll have to inspect the neighbor's lots under the cover of dark to see if I can bogart their supplies and tunnel schematics.

Lyz, I'm glad you responded to my body disposal question. I was begining to feel a little morbid... well, I already felt morbid, but morbid and lonely. So if there's any other readers out there please submit your answers to what you would have done to your remains should you perish during the necropalypse. Don't worry you can post anonymously so you don't have to worry about me seeking you out and stealing your anti-zombie supplies.


Blogger Slash said...

I dunno about tunnels.

Every person that goes into an underground bunker in a zombie flick gets eaten.

Since zombies move slowly, aren't you generally safer out in the open where you have a lot of freedom of movement? A tunnel is just a space small enough for a zombie to trap you.

I think instead of building tunnels, I would be building a tower with a ladder that can be pulled up. Zombies have no ability to climb complex things, and are not strong enough to push anything over.

If you are worried about being trapped up there, rig yourself one of the long zipline thingies to some distant tree.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Xavier said...

You know, if they have a tunnel system, you could try and find it by digging into it.

7:33 PM  

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