Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Zombie Body Types

Slash and Jerilyn's comments about hookhanded zombies made me wonder if different zombie body types would be more threatening or harder to kill.
I think I would be intimidated by the hook hand, but it probably doesn't present much of an additional threat, seeing as how zombies don't have the brain capacity necessary to operate a weapon. However, its piercing capabilities would be much greater, even with minimal force. Hmmmm, I guess I would have to take out the hook hand zombie first, preferably with a long-range weapon.
But what other body varieties might cause problems? I think a rather large individual would be more problematic. While a big person, who isn't zombified, would most likely become zombie fodder because of lack of manueverability and quickness, these qualities would not inhibit as much if the person was a zombie. After all, quickness and manueverability are not innate zombie traits. Moreover, the health problems that plague obese individuals will no longer be a problem when said individual is undead.
From a zombie hunting perspective, a large zombie might present more of an obstacle than a thinner individual. While the overall diameter of the person might only be a foot less, at the most, those extra inches cost valuable nano-seconds of escape time. Moreover, if one is engaged in a hand to hand combat situation, the extra padding may deflect blows. Of course, the popular method of beheading and then killing the head will be much more difficult because of the amount of force needed to decapitate. Again, a large zombie is probably best circumvented by long-range weaponry.
Perhaps I should prepare some techniques geared at taking out different types of zombies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

whos to say a zombie is gonna be slow...they could posess super human traits depicting how exactly they became "zombies" WMD....research by government gone wrong ect...our government could possible bring this on us without them trying(u kno how ignorant they can be) for all you know your facing stronger and quicker things than a human.... lcikers...hunters u know stuff the virus has affected (animals,plants ect)

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