Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Brain Death

It appears that Brain Death is the optium result of brain trauma (in the case of zombies, not humans). This is the complete cessation of electrical brain activity, with or without the cessation of bodily functioning. This appears to be the cause of zombie death.

Unfortunately, the cause of brain death is indeterminant. It can result from a number of actions, including force trauma to the head (but also diseases, which don't really effect zombies). In all of my research (which does expand beyond Wikipedia), I couldn't find the minimum amount of damage necessary to cause brain death, and all of these results were human-based, as zombie research is seriously underfunded.

Of course, in any practical situation, you won't be going, "I wonder if my baseball bat caused large enough of a blunt force trauma?", you'll be going, "Holy Crap! It's still moving! Hit it more!"


Anonymous Death said...

yea i probably wouldnt even try a blunt force...i will stick with guns and sharper objects like katanas and machete..but i can pretty much garuntee that once u set up your strong hold(mall for instance) u could drop really heavy object on a zombie and crush it completely(i doubt their bone struture should be and different really form ours..experi)ment

3:43 PM  

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