Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Training and the ones you love

Love is should not be neglected during zombie training and the consequent zombie uprising.
While becoming a zombie killing machine is beneficial, it is important not to lose your humanity. What's the saying? "It is better to have loved, and have those you loved be eaten by zombies, than to have never loved at all". The obvious solution is have those that you love train as well. This way you are not struggling to protect anyone, and you will have a cohesive team.

I have finally come one step closer to this goal. For the last couple of years I have been trying to convince my significant other of the impending zombie menace, and encouraging him to take the necessary precautions. While he still does not believe in the zombie threat, I have persuaded him to take Karate with me. In accordance with Max Brooks' rule "Develop the first weapon" (first weapon=the body, page 30-31), his new training should prove to be invaluable when the dead rise.

We just finished with our first class (of this session). It was very invigorating after no Karate for two weeks. I was quite pleased to find that my speed was still there, though my durability has suffered. I've already developed a series of new bruises.

Advice of the Day: The family that trains together, survives together.


Anonymous matthew said...

good advice, ROUNDHOUSE KICK

11:31 PM  

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