Friday, September 15, 2006


Verloren made some excellent comments regarding my last two posts that I would like to address. First the inclusion of Evil Dead II in my canon despite the fact that it is not a zombie movie. I stand my comments regarding Bruce Campbell's awesomeness. Moreso, I think that all of the Evil Dead series (including Army of Darkness) made a significant contribution to the zombie genre, even though they are not true zombie films. Without the Evil Dead series, Shaun of the Dead probably would not have been made. However, I will concede that Shaun of the Dead would make an excellent addition to the Canon, and I probably would have added it, had I been thinking a little bit more coherently last night. The opening sequence alone is absolutely brilliant.

Secondly, the issue of shoes. In my opinion, shoes are largely a matter of personal choice. They should have some protection against the virus, so leather is a good material, as it is with the rest of the equipment. However, I do think that comfort is the most important aspect of shoes. If you are comfortable in soccer cleats then go for it. Sure, they'll tear the flesh of your opponent, but with a well-aimed kick they will crack the skull and injure the brain. I agree that some skill is necessary to kick someone in the head, but with the proper training... this skill comes quickly. I am proud to say that I am able to kick high enough, and accurately enough, and with enough force to do damage to the skull. Of course, at the moment this skill is limited to practice pads, and imaginary zombies, so I cannot speak to my skill in the field.

If you chose not to gain this skill before the necropalypse, go with the shoes most well-suited to your terrain, durable, as well as comfortable (as they may be your last pair of shoes).


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