Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Canon

Today, I was asked which zombie movies would form the canon of the zombie genre. Here's my top five:

1. Dawn of the Dead
This would be the original. It presents the zombie threat in a fairly accurate fashion (no fast moving zombies in this one), and has the social commentary on top of it all.

2. Night of the Living Dead
Not the first zombie movie, but probably the first notable zombie movie. The way in which the people react to the growing zombie menace is probably pretty accurate too.

3. Evil Dead II
Ok, these technically aren't zombies, and this movie is profoundly disgusting, but Bruce Campbell is awesome. He cuts off his hand to prevent the evil (virus) from poisoning his entire body. And then he replaces his hand with a chainsaw. Even though it wouldn't work it real life, it shows real dedication.

4. Day of the Dead
This post apocalyptic vision of a world overrun with zombies is realistic in its isolation. I don't care for the "scientific research" aspect- which seems to just be a reason to showcase the special effects abilities.

5. Resident Evil
I'm sure this will be a controversial choice. It's not a particularly good movie, but it reinvented the genre. It's not a traditional splatter-fest, instead relying on moody lighting, suspenseful action, and a maniacal corporation at the root of it all.

So three Romero's... I think he's onto something...

I'd like to hear everyone else's suggestions/thoughts/criticisms.


Blogger verloren said...

What? Evil Dead II? How can you include Evil Dead as part of the canon when, by your own admission, they aren't zombies? Where is 28 Days Later? If you really felt the need for a horror/comedy entry you should have included Shaun of the Dead. Not that Resident Evil isn't a comedy (though unintentionally so).

2:19 PM  

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