Saturday, September 16, 2006


After spending several months learning Karate, the issue of balance has become readily apparent to me. First of all it is extremely easy to be knocked off balance. When facing an human opponent, this gives you valuable nanoseconds to re-focus your attack. Against a zombie, this time becomes greater and more crucial.

Zombies are not the most balanced creatures to begin with. They are slow-moving, decaying corpses; if you knock one down, it's going to take longer than a few seconds to get back up. This time can be used to brain said zombie.

Moreover, the act of unbalancing an individual (especially a zombie) is relatively easy. You set up a tripwire if you are in a secure location. If you are mobile, you a stick cocked between the legs will quickly knock someone down. If you are carrying a walking stick, or cultivator, it can serve this purpose. Finally, I'm not sure if this will work on a zombie, but it's worth a shot... There is a nerve above the Achilles' heel that when struck will immediately cause the knees to buckle. Theoretically, if the zombie's brain is functioning, these nerves should also function, but further tests would be needed.

So take advantage of the zombies' complete lack of coordination.


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