Tuesday, September 19, 2006


This is something that "Grand 'Poon" posted last week, which I think merits additional attention:
"eating cake now may mean you eat BRAINS later"

Very worthy words of advice. I no longer am struggling with my cake addiction, but my eating habits are certainly in need of some scrutiny. While during this pre-apocalyptic state, food is in abundance, I think I should start eating more efficiently in order to prepare for the hard times ahead. Therefore, I am going to attempt to reduce my intake to highly nutritious food, that is both hearty and compact (therefore easy to carry).

Also, I would like to increase my foraging skills. Since I plan on surviving the zombie menace in an area isolated from the highly populated urban zombie-nests, this is a basic skill that I need to acquire. I can only recognize a small amount edible food growing in the wild (mulberries and apples-not substantive enough). Since vegetation is immune to the zombie virus, it would be useful to be able to recognize and cultivate fruits and vegetables.

So in the spirit of zombie survival here is a recipe for on the run:

1 can of beans
1 sprig of mint (readily available in the wild) (optional)
pinch of salt (optional)

Heat the can of beans over a small, discreet fire. The can will double as a pot. If the territory is too intense to draw attention with the fire, the beans can be eaten cold. Add chopped mint (chopped with your cooking knife, not your stabbing knife) and/or salt. Enjoy.


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