Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Large Groups

"Safety in numbers" is a commonly tossed about saying.
It will probably be the first public reaction to a zombie uprising. Not realizing what the zombie menace actually is, government or some sort of over-reaching leadership will probably corral the general public into a collective area for protection and treatment. This will cause the less-than-vigilant eye of the public's benefactors to neglect to quarantine infected individuals.

As time passes, mostly likely coinciding with the first night of the uprising when security is slightly lax, the corpses will reanimate. A panicked, locked-in public will either become infected or trample itself to death. Either way, this is not a favorable situation.

In an undead uprising, it is best to adhere to your own previously organized plan. Again, it is imperative to keep in small groups with the maximum of seven (preferably around five) individuals. Larger groups are more noticeable (and thus more susceptible to the zombie menace) and more likely to contain inherent power conflicts that may cause deadly schisms. If you are part of a larger zombie resistance, break up into smaller, independent cells. Organize these groups (pre-apocalyptically) so that they are balanced, thus guaranteeing the survival of the maximum amount of people. You may be divided from loved ones, but keep in mind the greater good. Even if you never reunite, there is a slightly higher chance of the survival of the human race.

Always remember the bigger picture. The extinguishment of the zombie uprising and the ensuring of human survival is imperative.


Blogger wozgog said...

A most instrucive blog. I thank you for bringing the zombie menace to the attention of the wider public.
However, some insight on the always tricky area of killing your loved ones after they (inevitably) are bitten, and thus become soon-to-be-zombies.

7:00 AM  
Blogger wozgog said...

Sorry, that should say some insight [...] would be most welcome.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Wozgog said...

Also, are Zombies the same all over the world? What differences (if any) does nationality make in terms of the character traits and nuances of the Zombie Hordes?

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Verloren said...

A lot of writing when something visual would probably be more apt to convey the need to stay as far apart from each other as possible. May I present : The Zombie Simulator

Although not entirely accurate it does make a compelling (and very accelerated) arguement for the small group dynamic during the zombie appocolypse.

5:42 PM  

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