Monday, September 25, 2006

28 Days Later continued

I need to amend my final statement in yesterday's post. 28 Days Later is useless regarding gathering information on zombies (like many other zombie and pseudo-zombie movies). I was trying to be critical of the way that this commonly perceived "zombie" movie has influenced public thought. Whenever I am giving an educational lecture on the zombie menace, 28 Days Later inevitably comes up.

There was a thoughtful comment posted today regarding 28 Days Later and how it is not completely useless because of the character's reactions to the "rage" menace. Overall, I would say that their reactions are probably fairly accurate representations of how the general public would react to the zombie threat. The characters learn from their mistakes (Never, Ever, Ever drive through a tunnel which you cannot see out of) and become better fit for survival (by finding a remote area and maintaining surveillance).

In regards to the comments about the fast-moving zombies... Just because a zombie is usually slow-moving, it is never a reason to drop your guard. If you are not killing off or escaping from zombies in a timely fashion more of the undead menace will collect reducing your chances of survival.

Advice of the Day: Zombies are slow-moving. You should not be.


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