Thursday, September 21, 2006

Balance again

Today we worked on blocks and punches in Karate. The idea was to have the block transition smoothly into the punch. The purpose of the block was to unbalance the subject and also open them up to a punch. In many ways, the block was the primary offense.

These ideas can easily be applied to zombie fighting. Zombies lack the cranial capacity and higher thinking skills to anticipate blocks and punches. Throwing a zombie off-balance with a "surprise" block should be relatively simple. Of course, you should keep on pummelling a zombie until it goes down, but theoretically this should happen much sooner than a human opponent.

The other thing I'd like to add, and should go without saying is practice, practice, practice. Even if you are practicing blocks and punches against an invisible zombie opponent, the familiarity will lend speed and confidence in an actual situation. After nearly four months of Karate, I block instinctively and it is a valuable trait.


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