Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Necropalypse Guilt?

Wozgog voiced an opinion which I have felt myself more than a few times. Why won't the zombie uprising just come already so I can put my hard-earned skills to work?

I don't think this emotion is wrong. You want to get to work ensuring the survival of the human race. By fighting zombies, you are making a measurable difference in the world. There is something to be said for feeling what it means to be alive by protecting that very survival. So often in this modern world our survival is obscured by all the insignificant details which preoccupy our thoughts. It is hard to make the connection between collating and filing and maintaining your existence. No one wants to see the dead rise and have to combat your way through wave after wave of animated corpses. However, day after day of training to save humanity makes you wonder when you will get to put your training to use.

So don't feel guilty about wishing for the necropalypse... it's not the end of the world you're wishing for, it's the chance to prove yourself...


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