Friday, October 06, 2006

Entertainment Value

While throwing records may not be effective, it is entertaining. I was thinking of using them in a scenario like in Dawn of the Dead (2004) when they are sniping the zombies from the top of the gun shop. It's an aggressive action done from a safe location. The purpose is to pass the time, not an attempt to effectively reduce the zombie swarms. And I wouldn't suggest throwing good vinyl... just the stuff that works best as a glorified frisbee... like skeet shooting.

Entertainment should not be neglected during these times of trouble. I believe this is part of maintaining your humanity. While you should also maintain respect for those who have succumbed to the zombie hordes, there is a necessary macabre humor that comes with dealing with the horror of the apocalypse. I think it is akin to what medical students do when they have to dissect a cadaver. They will joke about it, but it is not to disrespect the person who donated their body, but rather just a means of dealing with inevitable.

Max Brooks emphasizes the need for distraction during the necropalypse. When reflecting on the state of affairs, post-apocalyptically, things can get very depressing. Not only do you have to fight the moaning menace struggling to eat you, you also have to deal with the crushing weight of being one of the few, dwindling number of survivors.


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