Friday, October 27, 2006

Post Feminist Zombie Stance

In response to Justin's sexist comments, a Y-chromosome shouldn't make a difference in the resistance to the zombie menace. Training, resourcefulness, physical ability, and general attitude will have a much greater effect on the potential for survival than a person's gender. However, if you are in a group that places emphasis on gender (28 Days Later, despite its non-zombie-ness, makes a good point of this) things could quickly become destructive, or at the very least, non-productive.
So, Justin, good luck to you and Hayes during the zombie apocalypse. My machetes and I will find a more cohesive group.

In response to Grand 'Poon's more practical comments. I've already invested in a back up pair of glasses, with the intention of getting at least a couple more pairs, and maybe some contact lenses. Your idea for goggles is good too. Goggles are a good protective measure to take, especially in close-quarters fighting, where the potential of splatterage and eye absorption is great.

In other news, I've finally started up a Cafepress store. There is absolutely no profit being made (by me anyway) on these objects, my only goal is to spread awareness. I hope to get a few shirt designs and other stuff on there soon.

Zombie Defense Training Store


Anonymous lyz said...

who would not order these for loved ones?

just in time for the holiday season!

10:52 PM  

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