Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Zombies as Metaphor

Wozgog brought up an important point: is the zombie menace a metaphor?

Everyone is welcome to make all of the associations that they want... the zombie menace (as a metaphor) can definitely apply to certain world problems. However, the zombie menace I refer to is the fleshing-eating, decaying, moaning, walking dead. A metaphor won't try to eat your innards. As scary as the current state of affairs is, it's not as scary as the impending necropalypse.

I should add that I'm not happy with American governance at the moment. The current desire for power is just the type of arrogance that will lead to dispersing the zombie virus as a means of control. And though I don't speak of the zombie menace in symbolic terms, there is a certain complacency now that makes the necropalypse an even more imminent threat.

So, in conclusion, when I talk about ramming my machete through the shallow remains of the decaying human skull that forms a measly defense for the zombies' only weak point, the brain, I mean it in the most literal sense possible.


Anonymous Verloren said...

I think the better question is, "Is the zombie menace a meteor?" Who's to say that a meteor containing an alien virus will not be the catalyst for the initial zombie metamorphosis?

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Wozgog said...

Cheers for clearing that up. I am reassured by your dedication to the literal nature of Zombie Defence Training (only some irony intended). There's nothing more annoying than an extended metaphor anyway.
Slendid point verloren; more views on potential catalysts would interesting. I'm thinking a mutated version of mad cow disease...

12:19 PM  

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