Sunday, October 29, 2006


It's Halloween in a couple of days; the holiday that tends to encourage, or at the very least neglect the zombie menace. Granted, it's all done in the interest of fun and games, and the people dressed as zombies mean no harm. Still it is wrong to pass up this opportunity to educate the greater public.

Lots of areas had trick-or-treating this weekend, including my secured abode. I gave out candy to eager children last night, but I also gave out advice for the upcoming apocalypse, when the dead rise and walk the earth seeking out fresh flesh to dine on. It wasn't my intention to scare children, but I believe that it is never too early to start zombie education. So I kept the advice simple and practical: always have a flashlight, don't talk to strangers (ironic, isn't it?), don't let anyone bite you, even if they're your friend.

I hope this holiday, everyone is a little safer and little more well-prepared.


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