Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Flu Shots

I am going to preface this post by saying I am not a medical doctor...

I will probably never get a flu shot. I haven't gotten the flu since I was about ten. There are so many varieties of flu going around that it is hard to pinpoint the specific one to vaccinate against. If the flu even exists... Regardless, the exposure to an injection is an unnecessary risk.

And it's not just the health risks. If an evil over-reaching government (or corporation, or some combination), decided to subject certain areas of the population to the zombie virus, the flu shot may be the ideal carrier.

Think about it. Usually specific factions of the population are subjected to their flu shots before others. The elderly, the young, the infirm; all high-risk groups. Any deaths can easily be attributed to other causes such as pneumonia, mononucleousis, and pre-existing causes. Of course, any "failed" tests will quickly be covered up and all rumors squashed. If tests are successful, they may go on to test other populations, which may, in turn, be covered up with "natural" disasters.

However, this general paranoia will not stop me from taking other preventative measures. I have a healthy stock of citrus and vitamins (made by non-evil corporations). I also trying to avoid large gatherings of people, and generally avoid touching anything in public.

So until they hold me down and force me to take the flu vaccine, there will be no flu shots for me.


Anonymous Lyz said...

Uhhh... I'm a teacher -- in that "high risk" group. Got the flu shot last week from a very suspicious, older nurse.

Do you think, when the zombies come, they'll come in child form? If so, is it legitimate to call in sick to work, if I'm not the one who's sick?

8:39 PM  
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