Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Urban or Wild: Part One

Because of my bad typing hand (and shooting hand) this will be a two part installment to answer Justin's question of which landscape is superior to fighting zombies, urban or wilderness?

Today, we discuss the Urban terrain:

1. Abundance of foodstuffs: grocery stores, corner stores, people's apartments/homes
2. Abundance of weaponry and ammo: sporting goods stores, depending on the area, gun stores, probably the previously mentioned corner stores...
3. Abundance of first aid supplies: available at hospitals, but also pharmacies, police/fire stations
4. Abundance of vehicles which can make escape easy, if necessary
5. Likelihood of finding other survivors, due to denser populations

1. Aforementioned denser population means more zombies... lots more...
(This is a big con in my opinion)
2. There will be more competition for resources, and possible group collisions
3. Shelter may be more problematic, as lack of natural defenses will lead to the setting up of barricades, which, as we all know, can become death traps
4. Likelihood of government sectioning off city and nuking it to destroy zombie menace (this depends of the state of government post-necropalypse)

These are just a few things I can think of, off hand, please post any pros or cons you may have.
Tomorrow, part two!


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