Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New York and the Evil Dead

Evil Dead: the Musical was fantastic! If you are going to be in New York it is definitely worth a visit. Granted, it has its flaws when considered in the scope of zombie defense training, since these are not true representations of zombies. Yet the humor found in the situation is truly inspiring. I hope that when I am fighting legions of the undead, I can reflect back on Evil Dead: the Musical and remember the good times.

In other news, as we discussed in the environmental posts, the urban terrain of Manhattan is absolutely the worst possible environment for disabling hordes of zombies. There are way too many people (and at times, non-zombies seem to have very zombie-like behavior... suspicious)and way too many hiding places. Still, as long as the zombie apocalypse is not immediately immenient, New York is worth a visit purely to see Evil Dead: the Musical.


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