Friday, December 08, 2006


While I don't really get sick (as I pointed out in my "Flu Shots" post), I do get exhausted. Usually, it's from doing too much and not getting enough rest, and is easy enough to remedy in these pre-apocalyptic times. However, exhaustion will probably be my biggest problem when it comes time for the apocalypse.

When the menace rises, especially in the early stages of the apocalypse, there will be much to do and little time for rest. Plus, I imagine, rest will be difficult to attain, even if there is time to sleep, because sleep will likely be plagued by waking anxieties.

The best preparation I can think of to remedy this problem before it makes me into zombie bait is to build my tolerance. I see this as a two part plan:
1. Build up my physical abilities (moreso) so that I am able to push myself further physically before reaching the point of exhaustion.
2. Build up my mental control through meditation, so that my rest becomes more effective, and I can maintain better focus when actually fighting.
(3. Taking my vitamins, to help keep up my immunities)

I am open to other suggestions, but I will implement this plan in the meantime.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

RENS, I've been thinking about it, and I think it's gonna be beneficial for you to have a good store of body fat to prevent against exhaustion. Not obese or anything, but some critical balance between lean and overweight. I think popular notion would be for any one participating in feats of strength and endurance to be as lean as humanely possible, but I believe in the case of the Zombie War, this would not be the best situation. You'll need energy stores when food supply is low, and the fat will also help you to defend against zombies in the cold, which I agree with you is going to be a good environment for battle. Research in exercise physiology has shown us that you can be 'fit and fat', meaning as long as you have a good amount of muscle and cardiovascular fitness, you can have a slightly larger %fat and still be a very healthy individual. You don't want too much extra weight to lug around, but some extra supply would be good. I think this situation would really help any Zombie hunter defend against exhaustion. Of course, you'll need a ready supply of carbohydrate and water to continue to burn the fat when other food is low, but this seems easily accomplished enough. In a snowy environment, perhaps just stocking up on sour patch kids and eating snow would do...then you get some vitamin C too. Anyone else have an opinion?

12:13 PM  
Anonymous wozgog said...

Fine so long as you can dictate the enviroment of the Zombie War, but, in reality the zombies will not attack in conditions 'convenient' for the zombie hunter.
Lean is the only way to go - think of the agility needed to stave off an undead army...

10:26 AM  

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